Welcome to Bioinformatics Recipes
What is a recipe?
A "bioinformatics recipe" is a collection of commands used to perform a bioinformatics data analysis task. A recipe can be thought of as a bioinformatics workflow or a bioinformatics pipeline.
What types recipes can I find here?
Most recipes demonstrate typical use cases for various bioinformatics tools. Many recipes have been developed to support bioinformatics education.
How are recipes organized?
The website is project based. Each project is a collection of recipes and results. Use the search box on top to find what you are looking for.
Can I run recipes on my computer?
Yes! All recipes can be run at the command line on your system. Newcomers to bioinformatics might want to consult the Biostar Handbook for more details.
Where can I learn more of how the site works?
We maintain the site documentation at Biostar Recipes: Read The Docs.

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