Bioinformatics Recipes

Bioinformatics is experiencing a reproducibility crisis. It has become challenging to understand how analyses are performed and even more difficult to replicate the same processes again.

This web application allows scientists to document, execute and share data analysis scripts and the results of running these scripts. We call these analysis scripts recipes.

Users may adapt, modify and remix recipes to match their needs, then share these on the same site. By supporting these interactions, we aim to foster a collaborative environment that facilitates creativity, efficiency and reproducibility.

Recipes are generic and universal. The use of recipes is not restricted to this site. All our recipes are designed so that they run on any computer be that Linux, MacOS or Windows.

We support what we call the Freedom of Discovery - where scientists are not limited and constrained to a platform, an interface, or a predetermined way of action. Science will progress only when scientists can make their own discoveries their own ways on their own system.

Visit the Project List to see recipes that we have deployed and shared.

About the site

The software that runs this site is called theBiostar Engine and it was designed to generate an easy-to-use interface to command line scripts. These scripts may be executed through bash, python, R, makefiles and trough other tools. In addition the site collects the files that are generated during the run of a script and shows them to the user in an visual manner.

Besides storing, sharing and executing data analysis scripts, our software supports public and private project-based workflows and can provide a data storage and management solution as a laboratory information management system (LIMS) for individual labs, research groups, organizations.

The application was also designed to serve the training requirements for researchers that need learn how to perform sequencing data analysis and is being used in graduate level education.

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