How to write recipes
Run Parameters
Parameters used during the run:
  • Read Length: 250
  • Cross Validate: True
  • P-Value Cutoff: 0.05
  • Sequencing Protocol: single
  • Select Instrument: pacbio
  • Reference Genome: Genome.fa
  • SRR Accesion Numbers: SRR numbers.txt

            <li> Read Length:



            <li> Cross Validate:



            <li> P-Value Cutoff:



            <li> Sequencing Protocol:



            <li> Select Instrument:



            <li> Reference Genome:



            <li> SRR Accesion Numbers:

                    <b>SRR numbers.txt</b>



Result description.

File List
Files created by the recipe run:
Output Messages
Messages printed to the standard output stream:
Instrument: pacbio
Protocol: single
Cutoff: 0.05
Validate: True
Read length: 250
Reads: /export/sites/biostar-engine/export/media/projects/proj-tutorial/store-56bd2b99/genome.fa
SRR: /export/sites/biostar-engine/export/media/projects/proj-tutorial/store-e4c6e9e5/sra.txt
Other Messages
Messages printed to the standard error stream:


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