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This recipe produces pairwise alignments with different algorithms.

Sequence alignment is a mathematically well-defined concept - but there are different software alternatives to perform the operation and even more way to report the results.

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# Stop script on any error.
set -uex

# The default values will be comparing
# the Ebola strain from 1972 to one strain observed in 2014.
# Ebola virus Mayinga 1972: AF086833
# Ebola virus Makona 2014: KR105328

# Accession numbers for the two sequences that are to be aligned.

# Download sequences by accession numbers
efetch -db nuccore -format fasta -id $SEQ1 > $SEQ1.fa
efetch -db nuccore -format fasta -id $SEQ2 > $SEQ2.fa

# Typically you want to know what the scoring matrix is.
# Get the scoring matrix.
wget -q -nc

# Global alignments.

# Using the default format.
echo "Tool:stretcher format:default(markx0)  file:alignment.1.txt "
stretcher -filter -asequence $SEQ1.fa -bsequence $SEQ2.fa -data NUC.4.4 > alignment.1.txt

# The stretcher has the NUC4.4 matrix built into it under the special
# name of EDNAFULL. From now on we will use that.

# Generate alignment in the so called markx2 format.
echo "Tool:stretcher format:markx2 file:alignment.2.txt"
stretcher -filter -asequence $SEQ1.fa -bsequence $SEQ2.fa  -data EDNAFULL -aformat markx2  > alignment.2.txt

# Generate alignment in the SAM format.
echo "Tool:stretcher format:SAM file:alignment.3.txt"
stretcher -filter -asequence $SEQ1.fa -bsequence $SEQ2.fa -data EDNAFULL -aformat sam > alignment.3.txt

# Local alignments.
# Generate a pariwise local alignment with blastn.
# It is surprisingly difficult to tell what scoring matrix
# blastn used. See blastn --help for information.

# The default output format of blasn.
echo "Tool:blastn format:blast file:alignment.4.txt"
blastn -subject $SEQ1.fa -query $SEQ2.fa > alignment.4.txt

# Format alignments in tabular form.
echo "Tool:blastn format:column file:alignment.5.txt"
blastn -subject $SEQ1.fa -query $SEQ2.fa -outfmt 7 > alignment.5.txt

# Semi global alignment.
# minimap2 configured to produces SAM format.
echo "Tool:minimap format:SAM file:alignment.6.txt"
minimap2 -a -x sr --eqx $SEQ1.fa $SEQ2.fa > alignment.6.txt

# minimap2 configured to produces PAF with MD tags.
echo "Tool:minimap format:PAF (MD) file:alignment.7.txt"
minimap2 -c --MD $SEQ1.fa $SEQ2.fa > alignment.7.txt

# minimap2 configured to produces OAF with CS tags.
echo "Tool:minimap format:PAF (CS) file:alignment.8.txt"
minimap2 --cs $SEQ1.fa $SEQ2.fa > alignment.8.txt

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