DADA2 Classification

Results generated by running the recipe.

Parameters used during the run:

  • BioProject Number:SRP135886
  • Number of runs per project:5
  • Number of reads per run:10000
File List
Files created by the recipe run:
Output Messages
Messages printed to the standard output stream:
Read 10000 spots for SRR6848054
Written 10000 spots for SRR6848054
Read 10000 spots for SRR6848065
Written 10000 spots for SRR6848065
Read 10000 spots for SRR6848055
Written 10000 spots for SRR6848055
Read 10000 spots for SRR6848033
Written 10000 spots for SRR6848033
Read 10000 spots for SRR6848056
Written 10000 spots for SRR6848056
Other Messages
Messages printed to the standard error stream:
+ SRA=/export/sra
+ PRJN=SRP135886
+ RUNS=5
+ READS=10000
+ esearch -db sra -query SRP135886
+ efetch -format runinfo
+ cat runinfo.csv
+ grep SRR
+ head -5
+ cut -f 1 -d ,
+ cat runids.txt
+ parallel fastq-dump --split-files -X 10000 --outdir /export/sra '{}'
+ mkdir -p fastqc
+ fastqc -o fastqc 'reads/*.fastq'
Skipping 'reads/*.fastq' which didn't exist, or couldn't be read
+ rm -f 'fastqc/*.zip'

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