Applied Bioinformatics Course Recipes

Results generated by running the recipe.

Parameters used during the run:

  • Bioproject id: PRJNA272617
  • Accession number for the reference genome: AF086833
File List
Files created by the recipe run:
Output Messages
Messages printed to the standard output stream:
>AF086833.2:1000-1030 Ebola virus - Mayinga, Zaire, 1976, complete genome
SRR1759216,2015-03-12 16:03:37,SINGLE
SRR1759217,2015-03-12 16:03:37,SINGLE
Other Messages
Messages printed to the standard error stream:
+ PNUM=PRJNA272617
+ ACC=AF086833
+ efetch -db=nuccore -format=gb -id=AF086833
+ efetch -db=nuccore -format=fasta -id=AF086833
+ efetch -db=nuccore -format=fasta -id=AF086833 -seq_start=1000 -seq_stop=1030
+ esearch -db sra -query PRJNA272617
+ efetch -format runinfo
+ cat runinfo.csv
+ head -3
+ cut -d , -f 1,2,16
+ esearch -db nucleotide -query PRJNA272617
+ efetch -format=fasta
+ sleep 1
+ esearch -db protein -query PRJNA272617
+ efetch -format=fasta

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